Macbook Pro 2013 Crashes-Restarts Nightly


My new Macbook Pro 2013 is great and most of the time it performs flawlessly. However, it recently began crashing nightly while in sleep mode. Each morning I see the report that it crashed overnight and restarted. I am working now isolate the cause.

The only changes after this started occuring have been upgrading from a single Dell 24 inch monitor to dual Dell 27 inch monitors plus the addition of an Anker 9-port USB hub. I also have VMWare Fusion 6.0 running a Windows 7 VM (my development environment) but it has crashed with the VM suspended so its looking more like the hub or monitors. I will update this post  as I continue to work to isolate the cause.

The MBP is running the latest OS and updates as of this writing. If you found this post, are you having a similar issue? Please share if you are experiencing anything similar. Thanks!

UPDATE! I contacted VMware Support and they were able to rectify the problem. They ended up trying several things but the following simple changes did seem to resolve the issue:

  • Macbook Settings >> Display >> Resolution Best for Display
  • Fusion VM Settings >> Display >> check Automatically adjust user interface size in windows.

Hope this helps someone suffering with a similar issue.


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