Visual Studio 2019 Causes SSMS to Hang or Run Slowly

I recently noticed that my local development copy of SQL Server Manager Studio (SSMS, v12.0.5659.1) would sometime run very slowly and other times seemed just fine. This was typically when writing code. For example, running a query or attempting to modify an existing stored procedure would take up to a minute or more to appear. I searched and found others with similar issues but none of the resolutions worked for me.

Then by chance I noticed that my Visual Studio 2019 (v16.67.6) was actively running a local web application project. As soon as I stopped that, SSMS would immediately return results. After some quick testing, it appears that SSMS drags when Visual Studio is actively running a local web application that uses the local SQL Server database the app is using. As soon as I click the red button to stop the application from running, SSMS returns to normal operational speed. Is this a know issue? Regardless, if you see SSMS running slowly, check to see if your VS is actively running an application against it using the built-in IIS server. Please share your finding as I am curious.


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