Is your project team on the same sheet of music?

Every business or corporate project team has daily issues and tasks to track and resolve regardless of size or industry. What separates the successful teams from the others is how effectively they share the information needed to resolve and complete them. Project teams are like the members of an orchestra. The quality goes way down unless everyone is looking at the same sheet music! Is your business team or project members viewing the same sheet music or are they guessing which notes to play?

The Problem

Every business group or project teams needs to…

  1. Identify issues and tasks quickly
  2. Assign responsibility to those who can resolve and complete them
  3. Verify they are resolved satisfactorily
  4. Store and share documents from a central location
  5. Share progress or setbacks in real-time with everyone who needs to know

Issues can be any event, need, task, bug or item that can effect the outcome of a project. If you are developing software for example, then bug and defect tracking may be crucial to your success. If you are working with partner organizations to complete a business process or project, your issues could be loss of personnel, tasks that must be assigned and completed by specific people, or ensuring the requests of customers or associates are recorded and properly addressed.

The tracking and sharing of the information above has been problematic, especially when team members are in different location, mobile or behind different company firewalls. Many have tried using spreadsheets or passing emails around but the information is often out-dated by the time you receive it or get around to sharing it. So how do project teams track and share this type of information with team members effectively? How can you share and track such information in a timely manner with your staff, partners and even customers?

The Solution

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone had one, central place they could easily access and share this type of information. A web based tracking tool using simple a browser or PDA would be ideal. This would allow anyone access to the information in a central issue tracking database from anywhere and anytime. What if an issue tracking tool allowed everyone to be automatically notified by email when new issues and tasks are identified, changed or progress is made (or not made) or completed and resolved. What if you could run reports to see what tasks were pending or being addressed and by who. Imagine important events never falling through the cracks because it had no place to hide! Does this sound like something that would help your business processes?

AdminiTrack has been providing a collaborative, online web-based issue and defect tracking solution to this problem since 2001 becoming the number one internet provider to fill this need. With fortune 1000 companies and government agencies in over 25 countries using it, it’s obvious they have found a solution that is easy, cost effective and really works! Since is no software to download or install, your team can be productive in minutes, not weeks or months. The application is easy, fast and intuitive to use so no training is needed. Your users will quickly wonder how they got along without it.

AdminiTrack was designed for larger teams too and has features not found in other solutions. For example, team members can determine what type of actions they are notified about rather than the administrator having to manage it for everyone. This allows each person to customize their notifications for each project so that the type and quantity of notifications are just right. Imagine your company using the internet to enhance your business communications far beyond what even email can provide.

Try a risk-free 30-day trial of AdminiTrack today and see if your project team’s productivity does not soar immediately. Sign up is easy, the trial account is fully functional and there is no obligation. You can start using it right away from day one and once you decide to subscribe, your data will continue with no interruption in service. You can even add your own corporate logo into application to help promote your business even more to your customers and partners.

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  1. Actually, this is the problem with a project team. Different stuffs happen and most of the time there is very poor coordination.

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