How We Fixed Windows Update Error 80245006

  We were seeing Windows Update error 80345006 on several Windows Server 2012 R2 servers and none of the fixes I found helped. ESET Server AV was on each of these servers but I had already temporarily disabled protection but with no effect. Later, we had decided to uninstall ESET AV just to see if that helped. But first we tried manually turning off options and the first one we tried resolved the problem! ESET >> Settings >> Advanced Settings >> WEB & EMAIL >> Disable Application protocol content filtering under PROTOCOL FILTERING This apparently disables all of Web Access … [Read more...]

How to Allow Users to Control Sort Order in SQL Server Results

  It is basic knowledge that the ORDER BY clause will pretty much sort our data using available columns in a SQL Server table in ascending or descending order. But what if we want to allow a user of an application to resort items (rows) in a table in their own desired order where ascending or descending on existing columns would not work? For example, we might want to present a list of items and allow them to re-sort the items in any order they desire. How do we store and retrieve that data in a SQL Server table so that it displays in the order expected? This article will provide one … [Read more...]